dodging the doodlebugs
The FABULOUS 40’s show from heydays

It’s the decade of the 1940’s and things here in Great Britain are looking rather black; rationing, sirens, shelters, it’s not easy keeping a roof over your head- Hitler is literally knocking at the door! ‘Cor Blimey, it’s enough to make you weep but when times are tough that’s when we British pull together to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On!’

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Dodging The Doodlebugs is a wonderfully witty stage show performed by the celebrated comic duo Radford and Devere; the second world war in a nutshell, historically accurate with original songs and comedy sketches of the day served with a healthy dollop of poetic licence! Book now for your event to celebrate what put the Great into Britain during the war years when the government encouraged entertainment to boost morale.

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